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Whitworth Subdivision

This was a sanding and refinishing project as well as an installation of a new bedroom floor. On the exsititing floor we did a complete color change and refished the stairs. To achieve the desired finsihed color we combined Jacobean and Dark Walnut stains with a satin finish.

Grace Church of the Nazarene


Grace Nazarene Parsonage required a complete refinishing of all hardwood floors while preparing for their new pastor. The floors were approximately 70 years old and had been covered in carpet during part of this time. We were able to restore them to their original brilliance.  

Shawnee, Kansas

In this home we removed carpet and installed and finished the hardwood floors in the living areas as well as three sets of stairs. It sold shortly afterwards in a down market for top dollar.  

Germantown Neighborhood

Circa 1850 home in the Germantown Neighborhood. This home has orginal heartpine floors that we sanded and refinished. Natural with gloss finish.

Borders and Medallions

Custom borders and medallions are available. These photos showcase a few that we have installed.

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